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Plain Devices

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Test Kits

With our test kits offers, you can rent a fully-featured package to test device integration in your or your customer's solution. Devices are all included with at least two 30 Minutes feedback calls: one to get you started and one to check on the success of your test phase.

  • 4x DTN1-T1 Devices
  • 1x Desktop NFC Reader
  • 1x Android Test Device
250€ / 3 Month
  • 4x DTN1W1-T1 Devices
  • 1x USB-Receiver
  • 1x Android Test Device
250€ / 3 Month

DTN1-T1 Devkit


This test kit provides the necessary tools to test our devices for simple measurements or integration in our own environment


  • 4x DTN1-T1 NFC5 Temperature Logger
  • 1x USB NFC Reader (uTrust 3720F)
  • 1x Famoco FX105 Android 10.1 Secured Terminal

The Android device is custom build and remotely managed, only the necessary apps to test the system are installed.

Rental Conditions

This test kit can be rented for 3 Months, after that period we will help you precise your needs and offer the best solutions. If your business case is consequent enough, we can consider deducting the test kit rental cost from your final offer.

Software Packages

Getting the right software solution for your requirements setup may be challenging, given the sheer amount of options available. You might need a fully integrated solution, or just a transition layer to push data into a custom solution.

Whatever your needs, our software offering covers following needs:

  • Software Libraries: We provide code example and open-sourced software libraries to cover the low-level device communication. For your custom needs, just link with our libraries and quickly get started developing your own software layer.
  • End-User Software: Based on our libraries, we also provide a simple set of user interfaces to get started fast and cover the most simple needs. These software suites are free of charge so that basic device communication will always be available.
  • Owned On-Premise Full-System: To cover more professional use-cases, we are offering a fully integrated solution to manage your devices and their data. Our pricing Model is based on a one-time purchase fee with discounted upgrades price. You own the software, and you can run it as you wish on your own hardware or cloud provider.
  • Managed Full-System: Additionally, we can run the software you own for you on a dedicated or shared resource environment. In Cloud or on pre-configured Servers.


We specialize in designing both hardware and software solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our aim is to provide efficient and cost-effective electronic devices, offering hardware as a service and seamlessly integrated devices. This approach ensures that each use-case is addressed effectively, minimizing device production waste.
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